Root Canal Treatment (RCT)… A remedy for the painful teeth.

For centuries it was believed that extraction (removal of the tooth) is the only solution for the painful teeth and to lose a tooth was a very common finding. With the advancement in dentistry, this approach has been changed and painful teeth are now preserved by Root Canal Treatment (RCT). Countless teeth has been treated and saved by this procedure all over the world since decades.

Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is a sort of surgical procedure inside the tooth. First step is to open the pulp chamber to allow access to the canals. After opening the pulp chamber the infected nerve is removed with the help of special instruments such as files, reamers, protapers etc (manually operated or operated with endomotor). The canals of the roots are irrigated with antiseptic solution. The root canals are further prepared & reshaped to free them of all debris and make them suitable to be filled. Once the canals are empty dry & clean, they are filled and sealed with biocompatible material known as Gutta Purcha Points / G.P. Points. The cavity is then filled with temporarily filling material which is then replaced with a permanent filling material like composite filling. A root canal treated tooth should be ideally capped for better strength and functioning. Most of the time RCT is relatively a simple procedure with little or no discomfort and usually require 1 to 3 visits.